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Will Vence Jr

Will Vence Jr is a retrospective theatre artist who weaponizes autobiographical fiction and nostalgia to push people to dig deeper into their personal histories. Taking imagery and styles from pop culture (comic books, video games, etc) and the Dadaist movement, they use the archetypes and stereotypes of these mediums to tell resonate and colorfully gritty stories that cross genres and explore queer identity, circumstance, and growth, all with the intent of brutal self-reflection. A good Will Vence Jr play will have you empathizing with everyone and no one all at once, yourself included. You can find them everywhere @yeahitswilll.

a psychic investigation into the death of someone i once knew

a psychic investigation into the death of someone i once knew is a modern day noir mystery that takes place in a comic book inspired world. Set in 2021 and a fragmented 2011, a psychic investigation follows August, a private investigator with psychic abilities who has to return to their hometown after being estranged for a decade to investigate the murders of local gay men. The deeper into the mystery we get, the more August must consider their estrangement, loneliness, their memories of a town that once was and the friends they once had.

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