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Santi Castro

Santi Castro {he-they} is a Latinx {Mexican-Cuban} Indigenous {Tlahuica-Aztec}, nonbinary, queer multidisciplinary artist who ventures towards the unknown. They write and create on physics, war, cyclical existence, love, and the LATINX experience/community. He is now a Playwriting major and Sculpture minor at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. His artistic practice strives to meditate on the existential, and magical realism bringing light to marginalized voices. Santi’s work pushes audiences to question the modes that they take in theatre by transcending language expectations and embracing bilingual dialogues. They are a 2019 YoungArts Finalist in Playwriting, a 2019 Semi-finalist Presidential Scholar of the Arts, a 2019 Philly Young Playwright winner.


Momentos is a reflection on the cycles we as humans fall into in our attempts to escape our own nature. This play, in it's chaos, attempts to not understand but to give shape to countless revolutions that have come and gone, only to start once again with no end insight except for a repeat of the last. The play asks both audience and performers the crucial question of when does a revolution become a revolt built on anarchy, and who holds responsibility for the coming ashes? This play ponders on the fragility of human consciousness, and the corruption of a desired utopia when tainted by sanctimony on both sides. Bilingual, queer, and vibrant Latinx voices.

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