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Paige Zubel

Paige Zubel (she/they) is a Philadelphia-based playwright, dramaturg, and producer. They have had their plays developed and produced with 50+ companies internationally, including Berridge Conservatory (AMOS AND THE STARS, France), Normal Ave (DEAD MEAT, NYC), and What If? Productions (A STRING BETWEEN MAN AND THE WORLD, NC). Her plays and prose have been published by houses including Smith & Krause, Applause Books, and One Act Play Depot. They have been commissioned by theatre companies including Revolution Shakespeare (PA), Tiny Dynamite (PA), and Normal Ave (NYC). She is the Associate Artistic Director of Shakespeare in Clark Park and sits on the Artistic Advisory Board of Paper Doll Ensemble. Writer’s groups: PlayPenn’s The Foundry, class of 2020; InterAct Theatre Company Core Playwright, class of 2021; Philadelphia Theatre Company’s Playwriting Fellow, 2021.

A New Kind of Whole

As Lea, a college freshman her first time away from home, slowly learns independence from her alcoholic mother, her exploration of her relationship with her mental health and her sexual identity begin to intertwine. A New Kind of Whole is a surrealistic warp of how we see ourselves, how we see others, and the distortions that happen when we cling to reflections over realities.

CW: Depictions of depression and discussions of suicide.

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