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River von Waldron

River von Waldron (they/them) is a neurodivergent interdisciplinary artist of the acting, writing, composing, and visual arts variety.  River has been writing songs since they were 8 years old, and now, they write plays, poems, music, fiction, essays,  and anything else they could possibly write.  River loves forest green, soup, collecting too many books they sometimes forget to read, and the type of laughter that sorta sounds like screams.  They reside in Philadelphia, with their bunny, Fauna. You can find out more about them at


What happens when you need to get to the hospital for a severed thumb but can't drive yourself 'cause you don't have a car but you also can't get a driver 'cause it's too expensive?  You hitchhike, of course.  And what do you get when you hitchhike without a thumb?  Well, you get "coop."  "coop", colloquially known as "the lesbian chicken play," takes a look into the messy lives of lesbian farmers, Clove and B.  Facing addiction, financial insecurity, and queer elders that don't know they're queer, these lesbians attempt to find more life amongst their survival.

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