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L M Feldman

L M Feldman is a queer, feminist, GNC playwright who writes theatrically adventurous, physically kinetic, ensemble-driven plays that are both epic and intimate. Her plays include THRIVE, OR WHAT YOU WILL; ANOTHER KIND OF SILENCE; AMANUENSIS, OR THE MILTONS; THE EGG-LAYERS; GRACE, OR THE ART OF CLIMBING; A PEOPLE; and many ensemble-devised works. She’s been nominated for the Wendy Wasserstein Prize, ATCA/Steinberg New Play Award, New York Innovative Theatre Award, Doric Wilson Independent Playwright Award, and twice for the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize. An alumna of the Yale School of Drama and New England Center for Circus Arts, L is also a circus performer/dramaturg, a New Georges Affiliated Artist, and a Core Writer with the Playwrights’ Center.

Thrive, Or What You Will

The first woman to circumnavigate the globe was 18th-century herbalist Jeanne Baret, disguised as a man. But nearly everything we know about her journey comes from the questionable writings of the men who knew her. An epic tale of historical fiction about our country's present moment, THRIVE, OR WHAT YOU WILL interrogates history, privilege, & survival as it tries to reconstruct Jeanne’s voyage and her fluid, unknowable selfhood. Meanwhile, we follow Jeanne and her companion Commerson on their adventure across land & sea & 6,000 plants, in a funny, gripping, and wild celebration of the universal need to flourish. (Winner of Shakespeare's New Contemporaries 2020 at the American Shakespeare Center)

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