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Liv Shoup

Liv Shoup (she/her) is a writer and theatre artist based in Philadelphia. Having graduated from Drexel University in March 2020 right into the pandemic, she’s spent the last year teaching comedy writing at Drexel while working on her own projects, including directing a Zoom production of her comedy Foaming at the Mouth. Liv uses to tackle difficult subjects, but also just for laughs -- because who doesn’t like laughing? Some of her favorite theatre memories include playing Agnes in She Kills Monsters, seeing her first produced play Door to Door, and streaming high schoolers in Colorado performing The Box Play.

The Box Play

The Box Play follows the relationship of Morgan and Lucy, two high school best friends now separated by college, as Morgan frantically prepares to escape her childhood home. As Lucy helps her pack, questions start rising -- is their relationship as strong as they thought? The Box Play covers changing friendships, growth, the awkward freshman year of college “WHO AM I?!” phase, and an unfortunately timed coming out story. The Box Play has had three readings, one upcoming production at a university level, and one high school production in Denver, CO.

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