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Jonathan Edmondson

Jonathan Edmondson (he/him) is a queer playwright + director from the Greater Philadelphia Area. As a playwright, his work has been produced with The Strides Collective, FRIGID NY, Revolution Shakespeare, Jersey Fringe Festival, The College of New Jersey, The Ritz Theatre Company, and The Venice Island Performing Arts Center. He is also the Founder and Artistic Director of The Strides Collective, a theatre company that produces and develops work by emerging queer playwrights. Edmondson is an alumnus of The College of New Jersey and the Arden Theatre Company’s Professional Apprentice Program (Class 25), where he currently serves as the Development Manager.


Memories come flooding back when, after not speaking for years, Caleb and Blake reconnect at a party in the same small town that brought them together. Weaving in and out of time from high school to present day, they revisit pivotal moments in their lives to try and make sense of a shattered relationship. By examining key elements of adolescent friendship and exploration of sexuality, Whirlpool takes an honest look at a complicated time in everyone's life and questions our ability - or inability - to move on from our past.

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