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Jarrett McCreary

Jarrett McCreary is a Black, Queer Philadelphia Playwright. He was a member of the 2018/2020 Interact Core Playwrights. His play "The Children of Edgar and Nina” saw its first professional production with The Neighborhood Theater in Chicago IL in 2020. Jarrett was also a finalist for the Terrence McNally Playwright Award (2020/21) and a winner of a Billy Penn Award (2021) for his collaborative play with Tiny Dynamite Theater. His are magical, and they are vulnerable, and the hope is to use them as a tool to dive deep into conversations about human connection.

The Children of Edgar and Nina

Felix and Luc are wandering through different paths with different kinds of loneliness. When those paths cross, a whirlwind of experiences leave them spent and wondering what it all was for.  Venus, a woman and magical connection to them both, takes us back to beginning with the power of music and poetry to explore their intimacy and what it truly means to be vulnerable.

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