What counts as 'a queer play'?

For the purpose of this project, a queer play is defined as any script featuring at least one queer character. The Reminder Plays Project is committed to eliminating theatrical gatekeeping and to assembling a library that contains all the multitudes and intersections of queer experiences.

Sounds neat, but I don't have a queer play. How can I help?

Hooray! Thank you for your enthusiasm! Here's how you can help:

  1. Like & Share the project's social medias.
  2. Get in touch if you're interested in reading & evaluating scripts for eligibility.
  3. Feeling wealthy? Drop Val a line via the contact form to arrange a donation.
  4. Make sure all your queer Philly playwright friends know about this opportunity.

What do you mean by 'Philadelphia playwright'?

For the purpose of this project, a Philadelphia playwright is a playwright who lives in the greater Philadelphia area: Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties. Phases 2 & 3 of the project will target queer playwrights across the entire US.

$50? What's the catch?

So long as you & your play meet the submission criteria, there's no catch. Val began this project as a way to give visbility to queer Philly playwrights and to pay them a small honorarium as a way of saying 'keep going' & 'your voice matters' & 'I'm sorry no one has produced your queerass play in Philly yet but I really hope that soon they do because your beautiful writing is wonderous and you make the world more colorful simply by being alive'. The project is also a reminder to the producers in Philadelphia: we're here, we're queer, we write gay plays, and you should produce them. Simply put: The Reminder Plays Project wants to highlight the abundance of queer plays by queer Philadelphians ready for production.

Why is your logo a dinosaur?

It's not. That's just a wix stock image I'm using until I can hire a graphic designer.

What happens to my script once I submit it?

The Reminder Plays Project is committed to eliminating theatrical gatekeeping. Your script will not be evaluated on a basis of craft, taste, producability, etc. (We do ask that the script is production-ready by your consideration & could be reproduced without your direct involvement.) A panel of readers will read your entire script to confirm that it meets eligibility criteria and is not racist, transphobic, misogynistic, or any other such bullshit. Val will then be in touch to organize paying you your $50 honorarium and to coordinate your social media feature. During the month of October, the RPP will feature you & your play on our Facebook, Twitter, & Instagram accounts. This website will then magically transform to be an interactive list of every queer Philly play & playwright the project has identified. You will have the option to include a link to your full script, an excerpt, or a purchase option as well as links to your website/socialmedias. If this project continues onto Phase 2, Val will contact you about including your script in the Year of Queer campaign. Same goes if we get to Phase 3 -- basically we won't do anything with your script without your permission.

How do I submit my play?

Answer yes to these questions: - Do you identify as queer? - Do you live in the greater Philadelphia area? - Do you have a queer play that you consider production ready and reproducible without your direct involvement? Email your script as a PDF to reminderplays@gmail.com by 11:59 pm EDT on September 15th, 2021. Please title your email "[Your Name] Script Submission". Plays will be read & evaluated for eligibility on a rolling basis by a panel of readers (to be announced soon). You'll hear back from Val no later than September 30th. :)