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Emily Wanamaker

Emily Wanamaker (she/they) is a director, playwright, dramaturg, and arts administrator. She is a passionate #insulin4all and disability rights advocate. Recent work includes Ghost Town: The Musical - A Concept Album (Director/Producer) and Changing My Major to Joan (Producer) in the 2021 Philadelphia Fringe Festival, The Great Adventure of Amelia Francesca Amador: The Space Cowboy (Director) at the Painted Bride, Rhinoceros (Dramaturg/Co-Adaptor) and O(rest)eia (Director/Playwright) at the University of the Arts, and Click (Dramaturg) at Simpatico Theatre Co. She is the Development Coordinator at the Wilma Theater.

This Is A Play About Buttons

Georgie works in an office, pressing buttons all day, every day, because buttons are happiness. Stan runs the office with an iron fist. The pursuit of knowledge pits itself against the pursuit of happiness when old acquaintances emerge from woodwork, and as the office begins to unravel, desperation takes hold. This is a Play About Buttons explores the ramifications of burnout in a world where work outranks all, and the consequences that spin out when conformity is the only option.

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