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Dezi Tibbs

Dezi Tibbs (she/him) is a performer, writer, dramaturg based in Philadelphia and NYC. With a BFA from the University of the Arts, Dezi wrestles with ideas of identity, intersectionality, and the performance of personhood in his work as a Columbia University MFA candidate. Stylistically, Dezi’s work is inspired by television sitcoms, cartoons, and sometimes anime.  Dramaturgical credits include: Villager (Philadelphia Fringe 2020,) Mother Courage and Her Children (Philadelphia Fringe 2019), Boxed: the Black Show (Equinox Play Festival 2019.)

See? I'm Okay.

What do you do when finally given the resources, time, and guidance to pursue your passion? In Stevie’s case, the answer may not be as positive as you’d hope. Watch as they navigate relationships with an overbearing mother and a cloying roommate and crippling self-esteem issues. But how can you work to improve your self-esteem when you don’t even know who your “self” is?

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