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Devin Randall

Philadelphia-based playwright Devin Randall nestles in stories of black and queer fantasia. Through Philly’s SoLow Fest and Fringe Festival, Devin premiered his plays Lionel Questions the Universe and Whine & Waffles. Then in 2020, he and three playwriting colleagues founded the It Gets Worse But Then... Theatre Company. Devin also workshopped with the Wings of Paper Theatre; hosted a “Salon" series to help Philly writers network; performed a reading of Cookies & Creamed through Philadelphia’s The Foundry, for which he holds membership; spent a 2020/2021 Residency with the Studios of Key West; and interned for PlayPenn’s 2017 Summer Conference.

Cookies & Creamed

Watch Damian run from Grindr trade, scary dates, and his own haunted mind. Damien is a hamster on a wheel of sex addiction. But can a studio stuffed with queer men change his ways? Or, will he be lost to temptation forever? Either way, he’s in for a nostalgic trip with a seductive figure who knows a little too much.

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