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Carl(os) Roa

Carl(os) Roa is a creator, writer, performer, organizer, juicy Colombian bear, and effusive Miami transplant. A proud alumni of the Headlong Performance Institute, (os)’ work explores the marginalized within the marginalized, and alternative communities living alternative lives. They’ve worked with numerous artistic organizations in Philadelphia, including The Wilma Theater, Taller Puertorriqueño, First Person Arts, Philadelphia Artists’ Collective, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, and Swim Pony Performing Arts. They are currently the Program Manager for the Painted Bride Art Center, and a contributing writer for HowlRound Theatre Commons and American Theatre Magazine – three organizations that they are honored to be associated with.

Pase Lo Que Pase (I Will Always Find You)

Fátima lives in Tegucigalpa, where she must fight for her life every single day. Guillermo lives in Bogotá, where he is told repeatedly that he does not belong. They both find two halves of an ancient, sentient map that compels them to take a journey to meet each other. But what starts out as a mystic quest turns out to be a horrific nightmare. Pase Lo Que Pase is a horror play that explores the question: what does it mean to be terrified of your own culture?

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