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Amir Gad

Amir Gad (he/they) is a playwright and fine artist born and raised in New Jersey. He messes with the mess, simultaneously leaning into and disorganizing form. His work focuses on the collection of accidents, childlike joy, and a dash of the supernatural, all in pursuit of the celebration of life as it is. His work has been shared through Re-Think Theatrical and the Philadelphia Fringe Festival. He is currently a Senior at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia working on his Bachelor’s in Playwriting, Directing and Production.

Eleven Eleven

Everyone knows about the huge corn field just outside of Steltson, but no one would touch it with a ten foot pole. In four nights, ten years apart, Cort and Reilly dissect and destroy opossums, opioids, and their sense of camaraderie. Brought up and brought on by the different stories they know, they push and pull against each other. Eleven Eleven is a collage of little stones and their ripples, gently asking for someone to answer the question: what bits of ourselves make it into other people’s retellings?

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