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Alice Hakvaag

Alice Hakvaag is a queer playwright based in Philadelphia, PA. She holds a BA in Theater from Temple University, is a Princess Grace Fellowship semi-finalist, and a proud Ring of Keys member. Her plays have been seen at Elephant Room Productions, Richmond Triangle Players, Mad Cow Theatre, Maladjusted Theatre Company, and Wings of Paper Theatre Company. She has also worked internationally as an actor, director, and sound designer. When she isn't writing, she's probably doing something else in theatre, and when she isn't doing that, she's playing Dungeons and Dragons.

As I Was, Not As I Am

Laurel is sick. Her roommates want her to get better. How do you help someone who can't afford health care? Does it involve setting a car on fire? As I Was, Not As I Am is mainly about queer roommates, headaches, clubbing, upstairs neighbors, arson, and washing machines; but it's also about love: the kind that would make you do anything for each other.

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